The 8th iteration of India’s BFSI carnival or the Maha-mela of knowledge is here. Its so huge and happening at BKC that you could actually call it the Kumbh of BFSI system.

Want to know four secret things about Ibex?
You may like to call it trivia or just another number-thing, but then these four factors makes Ibex 2020 just so irresistible.

  1. So far, Ibex has managed close to 18,000 plus visitors via the seven previous iterations. This is the largest for the BFSI industry in India. Want an insider account? For 2020, the official target is in excess of 3,000 heads.
  2. Every year at least three hundred delegates attend Ibex’s sessions as a delegate. The organizers estimate that in the past seven years, the total number of delegates stood somewhere near 2,400 delegates.
  3. Exhibitors: The whos-who of India’s ICT industry think of Ibex as the perfect venue to meet bankers and senior industry professionals. So far, there have been 725 plus unique exhibitors.
  4. Speakers: This year Ibex and Eventalist is poised to surpass the 600 figure mark when it comes to Speakers. The number of speakers, Ibex has attracted sums to just over 570 plus in about 7 years.

Its time you hit that register button and arrived at this must-attend carnival of sorts.

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